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​“ I'm an independent contractor and angel investor without any employees, so I want to concentrate on my business by automating 

any kinds of time-consuming works such as market research, partnering & local marketing, financial & cashflow management, payment, fund transfer, advertising & PR, etc. ” 

" Through my 30 years experience with a lot of startups and SME owner-managers, I've recognized that many of their daily works could be reduced dramatically by utilising digital solutions. That would be less costly as well."  

"I've got to know that there are a lot of hidden, excellent SMEs all over the world including not only developed countries but also developing countries, which are not good at showing their presence

in the markets. What I've felt is that they should make the most use of digital solutions/platforms for showing their presence and efficiently promoting their products/services. On the other hand, it is not easy for large enterprises, public agencies, international organisations, academic institutions, etc. to find out those hidden, excellent SMEs especially in the developing countries."  

++++++ Openbusinesscouncil's Business Partners Invited+++++++

The Openbusinescouncil project is already live, active and in place. The first phase of the platform has been completed in the following 3 step-process: 1) As a directory and search engine; 2) As a digital marketplace; and 3) As a full application / web platform including AI open banking application with Wallet, messaging, marketplace and AI / blockchain ID. 


We are currently accelerating significant growth in sales and we are in the process of signing some Governments, major global tech and strategic fintech/financial partners. Also, we plan to bring to the project the UN Agencies, Foundations, EU (multiple agencies and alliances) with some major chambers of commerces’, corporations and influencers.


If you are interested in partnering with us, I would be happy to send you a comprehensive and detailed presentation for your further consideration.

If you have any questions, please get back to me at this contact


I am a Special Advisor at Openbusinesscouncil a leading 4.0 IR ready multi-digital platform owned and invested by ztudium ltd.


This brings together the proprietary technology Ztudium has developed over the last few years and the groups digital publishing platforms. The rationale here is we have the community, clients and engagement of B2B2C and provide them with leading edge technology and apps to digitally transform their businesses, from certified listing, profile, sustainability score, URL listing, supply chain applications, education, supplier/customer engagement and all the way to direct payments. 

Issues: The vast majority of SME’s businesses face complex & often insurmountable challenges: a lack of business connections, limited awareness of digital tools & best practices, limited staff, lack of timely information, poor funding & economies of scale. Enabling SMEs to scale up & innovate can have a considerable economic & social impact.


Solution: Openbusinesscouncil works in partnership with global leading, businesses, organisations, government agencies, universities and business schools, utilising the tools of the tech Industry 4.0 to certify & Rank business, education institutions, SMEs & Startups. Openbusinesscouncil provides tools & solutions for SMEs Utilising DLT (distributed ledger technology - blockchain) and AI - machine learning in its offering.


The openbusinesscouncil’s  certifying and ranking metrics are based on Vision/R&D, Leadership, Finance/Economy/Talent/People/Culture, Innovation/Livability, Smart Policies/Tax Incentives/ Sustainability and Social Impact.


Opportunity: The digitisation provided to the SME’s when they join the platform offers new opportunities to them to participate in the global economy, innovate & grow. Openbusinesscouncil empowers the growth & digital transformation of SMEs & startups.


Membership: SME’s joining fee to Openbusinesscouncil is based on annual revenue:

    Startup (Revenue $0.5m to $2m)   $   100 p.a      

    Growth (Revenue $2m to $5m)      $   500 p.a.    

    Corporate (Revenue $5m+)             $1,000 p.a.  

Subscriptions: There are various levels of platform services available for additional annual fees:


For example: Digital Footprint, traffic generation, digital PR, Access market research on the platform, influencer network, lead generation, branding, coaching, tailored education, tech tools, and AI chatbots. 


I would welcome the opportunity of discussing with you on your participation in openbusinesscouncil for you and SMEs you work with. I look forward to your inquiries at this contact


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